Montag 19. August

Creamy cauliflower soup with croutons1,7,945Kč
Roasted chicken steak with tomato and cheese, potatoes1,3,7109Kč
Beef sweet sour sauté, french fries1,7,9148Kč
Pasta Carbonara1,3,7,13129Kč

Dienstag 20. August

Mexican soup with beans and roasted red peppers1,3,945Kč
Pork goulash with cabbage, homemade dumplings1,3,7,9109Kč
Fillet of grey cod with lime sauce and leeks, roasted potatoes7148Kč
Pasta pomodoro and cheese1,7,13129Kč

Mittwoch 21. August

Potato cream soup with mushrooms1,7,945Kč
Braised chicken leg with paprika sauce with pasta1,3,7,9109Kč
Cheeseburger with homemade basil mayonnaise and steak fries1,3,7148Kč
Potato gnocchi with spinach and chicken meat meat1,3,7129Kč

Donerstag 22. August

Cabbage soup with potatoes1,7,945Kč
Vegetable risotto with chicken, cheese and pickles7,9,10109Kč
Grilled beef flank steak with red wine sauce, baked potatoes1,7,9,12180Kč
Pasta Amatriciana, Rucola 1,3,7,9,13129Kč

Freitag 23. August

Chicken broth with vegetables and meat1,945Kč
Fried patties with mashed potatoes and apricot compote1,3,7109Kč
Farm chicken supreme with potato chips and lettuce, remulade3,7148Kč
Cottage cheese pie with apples and syrup 1,3,7109Kč

Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre
Kongresové centrum Praha
InterContinental Hotels Group
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Adresse des Hotels

Holiday Inn PCC
Na Pankráci 15/1684
140 00 Praha 4


Kongresové centrum Praha, a.s.
Hotel Holiday Inn
5. května 1640/65
140 00 Praha 4 Nusle
IČ: 63080249   DIČ: CZ63080249


  +420 296 895 000

  +420 296 895 011

Restaurant Esprit
  +420 296 895 030


Das Hotel gehört zum Prague Congress Centre, a.s. lizenziert bei Intercontinental Hotels Group.